Details emerge of Mexican footballer's heroic escape after being kidnapped

The 25-year-old escaped after beating up his kidnappers and calling the police

Details of Alan Pulido's escape after being kidnaped in his hometown of Ciudad Victoria, Mexico have been released.

The Mexican footballer, who plies his trade with Olympiakos in Greece, appeared with a bandage around his wrist that he cut when breaking a pane of glass to escape after being kidnapped last weekend.

State prosecturo, Ismael Quintanilla, detailed the footballer's escape on Imagen Radio last night.

"They traded blows. He takes it [the phone] and calls [emergency number] 066. It all happened very quickly," Quintanilla said.

A 38-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the kidnapping and he has admitted to having an affiliation with a criminal gang.

Pulido joined the Greek side last year and scored six goals in 15 games. He was called up to the Mexican national team for the Copa America but did not make the final squad.