WATCH: "I just thought it was his nose" - Michael Page discusses aftermath of horrific Cyborg Santos injury

Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos suffered a fractured skull and Michael Page was told that his opponent had been fatally injured

Michael Page, Ariel Helwani, The MMA Hour

Image: Youtube

Michael Page celebrated his victory over Evangelista 'Cyborg' Santos at Bellator 158 in memorable fashion. 

Capitalising on the popularity of Pokemon Go, the welterweight pulled on a baseball cap, similar to that of protagonist Ash Ketchum and rolled a Pokeball toward his opponent.

The victory came via a vicious knee to the head which caused Cyborg to hit the mat immediately clutching his face.

Speaking on yesterday's The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, the Londoner discussed finding out about the fractured skull his opponent had sustained without his knowledge and how he was told before all this that the brutal injury had been fatal. 

"Yeah 100%," he responded to being asked if it was difficult to enjoy the victory"It's even harder when [I heard] the first news feed of it. My brother actually read out 'fatal injury' to me.

"I was, excuse my French, sh*tting myself because that's not what we get in this for and that's not something you want to be a part of. I found out a little bit more but I was ringing people trying to find out what was going on. 

"I found out he was OK but that it was a severe injury. It was very difficult. On the one hand you're trying to enjoy whats going on and then on the other hand you're sitting there worried about your opponent. It was a weird feeling.

"I only found out the next day. As soon as he finished the fight he turned face down and I started celebrating. When I was finished celebrating and doing what I was doing, he was already out of the cage so I didn't see him in any way. The first time I saw him was on my news feed and I saw that picture." 

Page went on to explain that he had connected with the head of Santos but that he assumed the injury was a little more innocuous.

"When I landed the knee, I heard a sound and in all honesty I thought it was his nose by the way that he was still conscious and he was kicking his legs. I knew he was in pain, but I just thought that it was his nose. 

"I've seen guys with that in the gym, it's not a hard fix. It wasn't something I was immediately worried about, I was just happy about the win. I was just happy I landed the shot I had been training for."

Fast Forward to the three-hour mark to hear the interview.