Michael Phelps "forced himself" to eat a lot of pasta between gold medal victories

The American claimed his 20th and 21st medals last night at the Rio Olympics

Michael Phelps

Image: Matt Slocum / AP/Press Association Images

Much is made of the nutrition of professional athletes, none more so than two of the world's most famous athletes; Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps.

The former famously ate chicken nuggets before winning a gold medal in Beijing back in 2008. Last night after the finals of the 200m breaststroke, Phelps collected his 20th gold medal.

A momentous occasion and one wonders just how you can achieve such a feat. Well, diet comes into it quite a bit. After winning his 19th medal 

"I think I had a pound of pasta and spaghetti," he told the Associated Press. "And I’m not a spaghetti fan but I forced myself to eat it."

He forced himself to eat a pound of pasta. A pound of pasta.

This of course should come as no surprise when you consider he was reportedly taking in 12,000 calories per day at the Beijing Olympics. Recovery isn't as easy at 31, but he still looks the better for it.