Mickey Harte revels in Tyrone's Ulster title win

They beat Down by eight points on Sunday

Mickey Harte revels in Tyrone's Ulster title win

Tyrone manager Mickey Harte with Michael and Mary Harte. Image: ©INPHO/Morgan Treacy

Tyrone beat Down by 2-17 to 0-15 to claim the Ulster title on Sunday.

Tyrone manager Mickey Harte was pleased that his team were able to capitalise when they were on the top in the match to give themselves a buffer on the scoreboard as the clock ran down.

Speaking to Off the Ball's Dave McIntyre after the match he said: "I think we maybe learned from '09 and '10 when we won two Ulster titles back-to-back and nobody seemed to care an awful lot about it.

"You know, they didn't get excited about it and that was in the wake of having won the All-Ireland in '03, '05 and '08 and people thought winning the Ulster title wasn't that big a deal but they are a big deal and now I think the people of Tyrone have discovered that it's a big deal for the players and the people respond in that way. 

"I'm delighted that people are really enjoying this. 

"We put ourselves in quite an unassailable position in all of those (Ulster Championship) games and that's encouraging but it isn't always going to be like that but it happened this year.

Sean Cavanagh of Tyrone lifts the cup. Image: ©INPHO/Presseye/Philip Magowan

"We played well, we contained maybe in the first half of all of those games and then shot ahead. When we had a purple patch in our games - we made it pay and that's the difference. You can have a purple patch and not get the scores that you ought to get and after that then your purple patch isn't worth what it ought to be worth but when you get the scores in your purple patch the you make a difference. 

"We had to deal with Down's intensity with the pressure they put us under in the first half. They missed a goal that would have probably made a serious difference in the outcome of the first half so we had to deal with their full-on intensity," he added. 

The full post-match interview can be heard here: