Mike Ashley says he regrets buying Newcastle United

The controversial club chairman has added that the club's bank accounts are running on empty

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Image: Martin Rickett / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Mike Ashley has been the focus of much criticism over the years from Newcastle United fans over the years, and with the possibility of another relegation looming, that sense of frustration from the fans hasn't gone away. 

However, Ashley has decided to hit back, revealing that there is "virtually nothing left" in the bank accounts of the club. 

Speaking to The Mirror, Ashley stated that "all I can say is; there is a bank account. When you have emptied it, it's empty. Don't come crying to me for more money". 

When asked about his decision to buy the club, Ashley said "do I regret getting into football? The answer is yes. I've had tonnes of fun in it but I haven't been able to make the difference I wanted to make".

When it came to the topic of selling the club, however, he said he wouldn't part ways with the team even if they get relegated: "I have no choice. They’ve got me, and I’ve got them. That is the way it is", said Ashley, adding that the club and he were "wedded together through the good times and the bad". 

He stated that he wanted to help the club, but that results haven't been forthcoming. He als added that, after making a number of signings and bringing in a proven manager in Rafa Benítez, "I think everyone can agree we've had a proper go at it this season but the results haven't been ideal". 

Via The Mirror