Minister for Sport to take "closer look" at reports John Delaney canvassed with Alan Kelly

It is reported the FAI boss visited a number of clubs and towns in the constituency with the Labour's deputy leader

BY Newstalk 12:51 Sunday 17 January 2016, 12:51 17 Jan 2016

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The Minister for Sports says he would like to establish what happened in relation to reports that FAI boss John Delaney was canvassing with Labour deputy leader Alan Kelly.

The Sunday Times reports John Delaney was out on the hustings in Tipperary with Environment Minister Alan Kelly last Friday.

The newspaper claims Mr Delaney - who is from the county - visited a number of clubs and towns in the constituency with the Labour TD.

The front page of the paper also features a photograph of Minister Kelly and Mr Delaney together.

Minister Paschal Donohoe says he would like to know more about the circumstances of the incident.

Speaking on The Sunday Show here on Newstalk, Minister Donohoe said "I would expect anybody who is leading up an organisation that is funded by taxpayers money would not be out advocating for any political party.

“My own view is that what people do in their own personal time is their business… I would be certain that John or anybody else who is involved in a public body would not be out using their office to advance any candidate,” he added.

However he also suggested that the incident is something "I will have a closer look at".

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