Missed any of this week's Off The Ball? Here's some of the best bits...

From the Roadshow to Pep's appointment, here's what you missed this week

It's been a busy week of sport here and in case you missed any of it, here's a sample of our best bits...

1) Brian O'Driscoll on the time he beat "the living crap" out of Austin Healy to defend ROG's honour

Did you know Brian O'Driscoll once got the better of ex-England full-back Austin Healy in an impromptu boxing match during a Lions camp in 2001?

Answering a question from the crowd at tonight's Off The Ball Roadshow in Limerick, Brian and Keith Wood told the tale of how it happened.

"It was actually after Duncan McRae beat the crap out of [Ronan O'Gara] in that game. It was just lunacy. He just lost it on the field. Austin came in. He was being an unbelievable pain in the arse, beyond all belief. He was touching ROG's face. He said 'come on, ROG, let's have a little boxing match'. ROG has got really delicate skin, he's got all bruises, cuts and scratches and he's miserable and ROG just said 'piss off, leave me alone, just get away from me,'" said Keith on the circumstances which led to the boxing bout.

"Suddenly this little voice, peeps in. 'I'll have a bit of that,' says Drico. They put on a pair of boxing gloves and Drico beat the living crap out of him.'"

Brian picked up the first hand story from there.  

2) Pep wants to be Brazil boss one day and his Man City era could herald a "divisive three years"

It had been expected for quite some time, but today's the day that it was finally confirmed that Manchester City is Pep Guardiola's next destination.

With question marks over how he might try and overhaul the playing squad, Off The Ball's European football correspondent Graham Hunter joined Joe Molloy on the line to discuss what the Bayern Munich football alchemist may dream up.

"What we can say for sure is that there will be changes in the Manchester City squad based around his playing philosophy. He will want more players, specifically in midfield who are infinitely comfortable in possession, who can keep and use the ball. Xavi's now in Qatar, Iniesta won't join Manchester City, we're looking at Philipp Lahm [as] one of Pep's ideal players in terms of versatility and intelligence [but] won't leave Bayern Munich," said Graham, who added that many of City's current midfield fit into Pep's blueprint.

3) Luke Fitzgerald: "There's a sense that I get, that people in Irish rugby are nearly enjoying the panic"

On the day that it was confirmed that he would miss the entire Six Nations, Ireland star Luke Fitzgerald says it was a question of "unlucky" timing.

The versatile Leinster wing has had his fair share of disappointments with injuries over the years but speaking to Off The Ball as he starts the six to eight week recovery recovery from the medial ligament strain, it was clear that he was looking at the positives amid the gloom.

"The timing is just unlucky. It's six to eight weeks, which I kind of got the good news on Friday that it wasn't going to end my season - which I was pretty concerned about given the nature of the injury. It's very disappointing obviously considering that it's a crucial part of the season and coming off the back of playing pretty well for Ireland in my last two competitive games," he said.

Reporting with thanks to Raf Diallo (@Raftastico)