Mourinho says Casillas can now win the only title he's never claimed yet after Champions League elimination

Jose Mourinho and Iker Casillas are clearly not the best of friends

Jose Mourinho, Chelsea, Champions League,

Image: Alastair Grant / AP/Press Association Images

Jose Mourinho's time at Real Madrid did not end very well, as the media reported that he had fallen out with a number of players. 

Among those with whom he had apparently had a disagreement was Iker Casillas, and the two met again on Wednesday night in the Champions League as Casillas' new team Porto traveled to London. 

They were beaten 2-0 by a struggling Chelsea team, and afterwards, Mourinho was asked about the problems that he had previously had with the Spanish international. 

According to Marca, Mourinho approached Casillas after the match and wished him luck, but he added that "there's no problem. I did my work and he did his, and he did it well. Now he has the chance to win the only title that he hasn't claimed yet, the Europea League". 

Whether or not Mourinho genuinely meant it or was referring to the goalkeeper's incredible title haul in his career, he certainly seemed to be relieved as his side sealed qualification to the last 16. 

He did hint at a little bit of confidence in his side, however, saying that "all the teams who finished second in their group are going to want to play against us. With Porto [in 2005] we weren't favourites and we won the title. The same with Inter [in 2010]. When we have been favourites, we haven't won. We'll see".

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