NFL Twitter account is hacked and tweets Roger Goodell has passed away

Thankfully the commissioner of the NFL is alive and well

NFL, Roger Goodell

Image: Twitter

A twitter hacker or hackers has been wreaking havoc on the National Football League's official twitter page, witha series of tweets streaming from their account.

The culprit originally logged into the account and posted a tweet claiming that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had passed away.

The tweet which was sent from the verified account was found to be false. Image:

The original tweet about Goodell's death was retweeted over 2,000 times within minutes of it being posted before it was removed, but it didn't stop the hacker from tampering with the account.

The NFL's Twitter page indicates that the handle has posted hundreds of new tweets since the hack. However, none of the new messages will load, indicating that the hacker is still tampering with it.