NFL announce confidential mandatory meeting to improve player welfare

The league appear to be making strides towards improving player concerns

The NFL have come under increasing scrutiny regarding their policy on concussions and general player safety in recent years with more and more players being diagnosed with mental health issues due to repeated traumas to the head.

The league might be coming to the realisation that their practice may not be the best practice and have called for a mandatory conference call, which involves all players from the 32 teams in the league on Friday.

NFL media insider Adam Schefter was one of the first to report the news,

The NFL has long defended its stance on concussions and the protocols surrounding the injury but it appears they may be taking steps towards finally improving player welfare. 

While NFL fans will await the results with bated breath, the tweet which Ian Rapoport sent out clearly outlines the confidentiality of the situation. There are sure to be some heavy opinions from players who feel player welfare should be stepped up a notch and the NFL are protecting themselves from any negative publicity.

The mandatory nature of the meeting meant that all 32 team had to have their Friday practice early in the morning or later in the afternoon to find room on their schedule.