NFL prospect asked by scouts what weapon he would choose if he decided to kill someone

The worrying line of questioning that NFL evaluators are asking prospects are getting worse

As the NFL draft approaches and future professional footballer players are scrutinized in their pursuit of landing a contract in the league, the questioning these men undergo is becoming increasingly worrying.

Most recently, NFL prospect Jalen Mills told CBS Sports that he was asked whether he would choose a knife or a gun as a weapon if he chose to kill someone.

Mills said, "How they grade it is, if you choose the knife, you know, now you're killing for fun because you have to continuously stab someone but the gun is kind of quick."

When the Dallas Cowboys wide-receiver was entering the league out of college, then-Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland asked him if his mother was a prostitute. Another prospect this year was asked if he found his mother attractive.

Just a couple of months ago, an Ohio State player was asked about his sexual orientation and whether or not he liked men by an Atlanta Falcons representative. The Falcons organization refused profusely and the team's head coach referred to the line of question as "inappropriate and unprofessional" but with the latest assertion by Mills as to the strange questions he was asked, perhaps more questions need to be asked of the procedures these men must go through in order to land a place on an NFL roster.