NFL relocations are nothing new for cities and teams

The Oakland Raiders have announced they will move to Las Vegas in 2019

NFL relocations are nothing new for cities and teams

Picture by: John Locher/AP/Press Association Images

Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas was confirmed on Monday night.

Among the NFL league owners, 31 of the 32 voted in favour of the Raiders leaving Oakland and moving to Las Vegas. The team will stay in Oakland for two more seasons, but will move to the Nevada desert in 2019. It is the second time in almost 40 years.

In 1982, the team left Oakland to move to Los Angeles. 13 years later the team returned to the Bay Area, after winning one Super Bowl in Los Angeles.

The move from Oakland to Las Vegas is the third time in the past two years, that the NFL have allowed a team move cities. Before the St. Louis Rams returned to Los Angeles, no team had previously re-located in almost 20 years.

We look back at four of the most recent re-locations before the Raiders were given the go ahead to move to another city.

2017: San Diego Chargers to Los Angeles

An ageing stadium and small crowds were the reasoning behind the Chargers move to Los Angeles. After moving to San Diego in 1961, the team will return to LA, where they played their opening season in 1960.

The Chargers will play in the StubHub Center, home of the LA Galaxy until 2019, when they move in with the Chargers to a stadium in Inglewood.

2016: St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles

Owned by Arsenal's largest shareholder Stan Kroenke, the Rams returned to Los Angeles ahead of the 2016 season, just over 20 years after the team moved to St. Louis. The move was due to the lack of  public funding available for stadium improvements in St. Louis.

Kroenke bought land in Los Angeles and will build the stadium himself, using private funds. The team will share their ground with the Chargers when it opens in 2019.

LA Rams fans celebrate the return of the team to the city. Picture by: Nick Ut/AP/Press Association Images

1997: Houston Oilers to Memphis

Like most relocations, the lack of a modern stadium was at the centre of the Houston Oilers demise. The team moved to Tennessee in 1997, spending a year in Memphis before moving to Nashville in 1998.

The following year, the Tennessee Oilers became the Tennessee Titans. Houston went five seasons without a team, before the Houston Texans entered the league in 2002.

1996: Cleveland Browns to Baltimore

How did the Cleveland Browns move to Baltimore, and then return to Cleveland? They didn't. The team that hold that name in the present day, were only established in 1999. The Cleveland Browns that moved to Baltimore in 1996 are now the Baltimore Ravens.

One of the most contentious relocations, in American sports history the Browns left the city over the lack of stadium infrastructure. The team moved to Baltimore, 13 years after the Colts left the same city to move to Indianapolis.