NRL star Jarryd Hayne in embarrassing pornography gaffe at Australian high school

The rugby player was giving a presentation to highlight the issue of cyber security when lewd images flashed up on screen

Jarryd Hayne

Images: David Davies PA Wire/PA Images

NRL star Jarryd Hayne has found himself in the middle of an embarrassing pornography mishap whilst delivering a presentation on cyber security at an Australian school.

Hayne was talking to students at Gold Coast High School about the importance of online safety and cyber security. During the presentation, his online browsing history - sporting images - were being displayed when a pornographic website popped up on screen.

The image was displayed to more than 200 students at the high school and organisers say that the images had come from a different device that had entered the open network and projected the images on screen.

"During our Wi-Fi demo, we had an open network that was available for anyone to connect to and someone had connected to the network and browsed to a site where the images were displayed," Norton Security's Paul Savvides told ABC News Australia.

"I've just checked and the device ... that did that was not Jarryd's phone.

"Connecting to open networks, people can see what you’re doing and in this case, inject unwanted materials."

The demo served to highlight how phones can be accessed by "middle men" in open networks and warned that information can be taken without a user becoming aware of the invasion.

"It was [awkward]," Hayne said. "I shut my phone straight away so that way I was logged off."

Via ABC News Australia