Nate Diaz's coach reveals Conor McGregor's trash talk spurred his fighter on

Richard Perez, Diaz's boxing coach, stated that McGregor's mind games didn't have the desired effect

Nate Diaz, UFC 196, Conor McGregor,

Image: Eric Jamison / AP/Press Association Images

In the build up to their fight at UFC 196, Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz had plenty to say to each other both in interviews and at weigh-ins. 

The two traded insults (and discussed what a gazelle was) on Fox, while McGregor punched Diaz's hand in a tense stand off that almost got out of hand at a press conference in advance of the bout. 

Speaking to MMA Fighting, Diaz's boxing coach Richard Perez said that despite all the best efforts of McGregor as the two prepared to face off in Las Vegas, he was unable to get inside Diaz's head. 

"It hypes him up. He likes to go talk stuff. It pumps him up even more. That's the way it is". 

Commenting on the punch, Perez stated that he didn't agree with the Nevada Athletic Commission's decision not to penalise McGregor for the physical altercation, but that it was simply fuel to the fire for Diaz. 

"Nathan and I talked about it and I said if you would have done something like that, you would have gotten fined, big time. It's not fair, but hey that's the way you want to play? Nate took care of business. That's what they say - last laugh."

Perez added that Diaz's ability to take the shots McGregor was throwing had a huge effect on the Irishman's decision making process in the bout and put paid to his plan for the fight. 

"Once Nathan started using his range and his straight-down-the-middle punches and combinations and landed them, I knew it was gonna be over. When he shot at him, he didn't want to take any more punishment. That's why he did that. And that was a big mistake.

"It worked out right. Once he got him on the ground, it was over. I knew it was over. Because this guy is not a jiu-jitsu man. Nathan is". 

Via MMA Fighting