Nick Blackwell announces his retirement from boxing

Blackwell was put into an induced coma after his fight against Chris Eubank Jr.

Nick Blackwell, Chris Eubank, coma,

Image: Nick Potts / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Boxer Nick Blackwell has announced that he will be retiring from boxing as he continues on the road to recovery after coming out of an induced coma.

Blackwell was seriously injured in his fight against Chris Eubank Jr. as he had a small bleed on his skull.

The boxer was placed into an induced coma after the match, and came out of it a week later. He took to Twitter on Monday night to thank those who had supported him during his recovery, and stated that he was finished with his career in boxing.

Asked if he had plans to make a comeback, Blackwell tweeted "no that's me done - I can't put friends and family through that again".

However, he added that he hopes to stay involved in boxing in some way. 

He also responded to Chris Eubank Jr., who tweeted him to say that he was sorry for what had happened in the ring, and organised to visit Blackwell.