Nick Blackwell says he'd like to land a knockout shot on Chris Eubank Sr.

The British fighter was put in an induced coma after his bout with Eubank's son in March

Nick Blackwell, Chris Eubank, coma,

Image: Nick Potts / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Nick Blackwell is just 25-years-old, but his boxing career has already come to an end after his last fight against Chris Eubank Jr. almost ended in tragedy. 

The fight was stopped in the tenth round, but Blackwell had to be put into an induced coma afterwards as a result of the injuries he suffered. 

For the first time since he woke up, Blackwell spoke about the fight and what happened to The Sun, saying that the press conference by both Chris Eubank Sr. and Jr. was what angered him most.  

Speaking to the media, Eubank Jr. said he had taken it easy on Blackwell, while Eubank Sr. stated that he had encouraged his son not to hit him in the head in order to avoid any further damage being done. 

"I haven’t any hard feelings about the fight because you’re in there to win and try and hurt someone," said Blackwell, "it’s just the stuff he has done after. It’s inhuman, it’s disgusting. They were trying to make themselves look like the good guys when they are the opposite.

"My family and friends were begging them not to talk, but they ignored it [...] They were grabbing as much attention as they could. I was still in a coma but they went ahead and did it.

"That’s the Eubanks, isn’t it? They just want attention, no matter if it’s a bad or a good thing."

Blackwell also added that he would love to be able to take out his frustrations on Eubank Sr. after his comments in the media: "If I could have one more knockout shot, I’d love to land it on the jaw of Chris Eubank."

Also speaking to The Sun, Eubank Jr. defended the comments made by both him and his father, saying "if he [Blackwell] was in our position he would have done the same thing in terms of making his side of the story known.

"People and media demanded that we speak to them. If we had just said ‘No comment’ it would have come off as cold."