"No one knows what a gazelle is" - McGregor and Diaz meet in the interview of the year

The two men meet on Saturday night at UFC 196

There is less that 48 hours to go until Conor McGregor meets Nate Diaz at UFC 196.

The two fighters met on Thursday evening ahead of their welterweight fight and even clashed on stage ahead of this evening's weigh-in where they will meet face-to-face one more time before the fight.

After the press conference, the two men were on Fox Sports' Jay and Dan show where for seven minutes the two men continued the verbally threaten each other ahead of the fight. 

From gazelles to gutting a fish, it is well worth a watch. The two men go off on each other when the presenters say goodbye to both. 

If McGregor and Diaz are as entertaining with the microphone as they are in the octagon, Saturday night should be special.