Northern Ireland jockey run over by ambulance after being kicked in the face by a horse

Chris Meehan had a double dose of bad luck this week

image via Belfast Live

image via Belfast Live

Northern Ireland jockey Chris Meehan on Sunday during a hurdle race at the Merano track in Italy.

Knocked from his horse during the race, he was subsequently kicked in the face, knocking him out.

Talking to the Racing Post, Meehan says: "The starter came over to help me because I was on my back and choking on my blood. He put me in the recovery position, with my right leg out straight."

However, this was when the racecourse ambulance arrived, and ran over his leg, breaking it in the process.

"Everyone around me had to push it off me. You have to laugh really."

On top of the broken leg, the jockey also dislocated his ankle, and the kick to the face resulted in a broken nose and a gash that required 27 stitches.

Meehan, who has had 13 winners in his career, returns to Ireland this week for surgery on his face and leg, and will need two months of recovery behind being allowed to race again.