Harry Redknapp and the Curse of the Golf Shoes

The former Tottenham and West Ham manager told Off The Ball the story of a jinxed gift...

BY Ciaran Bradley 21:09 Wednesday 8 August 2018, 21:09 8 Aug 2018

Harry Redknapp told Off The Ball about how two pairs of golf shoes cursed his managerial career.

Well, in a manner of speaking.

In 2012, following Fabio Capello's departure from the England national team, Harry was odds-on favourite to take over from the Italian. It was on this backdrop that a local business entered his life:

"I had a boy who owned the local golf shop who brought me around a present and told me not to open it until he told me. Then he rung up one day and he said 'Harry, don't open that box - I've got another box for you.'

"Then about two months later, he brought the other box round. The day he brought the other box round, I lost my job at Tottenham.

"What it was, I had a pair of England golf shoes that he told me not to open because Roy got the job, so he had me a pair of Tottenham shoes made. The day he brought the Tottenham shoes around, I was in London losing my job at Tottenham!

"I said to him 'Listen, I'll pay you ten grand not to make me another pair of shoes!'"

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