Liam Lawrence: Roy Keane's c-word tirade ended my Sunderland career

Lawrence was on the Keith Andrews Show to discuss Ireland and club career

BY Ciaran Bradley 22:48 Thursday 13 September 2018, 22:48 13 Sep 2018

Liam Lawrence claims "the c-word must have been used thirty times" in the exchange with Roy Keane that ended the player's Sunderland career.

Lawrence joined Keith Andrews on the Keith Andrews Show to discuss his Ireland and Sunderland career. Given the alleged experiences of certain members of the camp in recent times, Keith asked him whether the events catalogued by Stephen Ward rang true.

"I don't think he's lying at all, because the things that have been said - that Wardy said he heard - they were said to me. When we were sat in that office, sat across from him, and we were arguing - the c-word must have been mentioned thirty times before I stood up and went up to walk out.

"Football is changing so much, and the world is changing so much that he should know that you can't go speaking to people like that.

"You have to know how to handle players and speak to players, and he has obviously gone about things the wrong way."

Lawrence gave his feeling as to what Keane brings to the assistant manager role with the Republic of Ireland, from an outsider's perspective:

"If it as at club level and an assistant manager had spoken to me like that, then we probably would have been rolling on the grass. But because it's international level, and it is Roy Keane and everything that comes with it - I think the lads have sort of accepted it.

"I don't know what sort of character Harry Arter is, but I know what kind of character Jonny Walters is. He didn't take it.

"It just seems when Roy gets angry or when he doesn't get his way, it just comes out and he just attacks and gets aggressive.

"He's got to learn from things like that. You can't carry on doing things like that."

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