Pep on MNF: filthy lucre and Gary Neville's religious experience

Football journalist John Brewin joined us to discuss the pep in his step

BY Ciaran Bradley 14:56 Wednesday 16 May 2018, 14:56 16 May 2018

"...then Pep looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was good."

After his apparition on Monday Night Football, which the divine presence made appear on a Tuesday, the wretched hordes are left to tend their sores and tweet their thoughts. John Brewin joined us OTB AM to give his thoughts on Pep's musings on Jose Mourinho, money and the situation in Mancunian football.

On Mourinho in particular, Pep was effusive in his praise for the Manchester United manager and team. Curious, as he has developed a style totally at odds with Mourinho's, and a style that Mourinho created assiduously at odds with the possession-obsessed Barcelona model that he found while working at Camp Nou.

"It is almost like he's trying to understand something that is complete anathema to him. It is like reading a book by a politician of a different leaning to you - like I once read Margaret Thatcher's 'Downing Street Years,' John said.

"I found Pep Guardiola quite engaging and honest. There was one point where he was asked about the style of play that he had chosen, and the tactics that he had chosen, which were about closing teams down and attacking all at once. He gave a very honest answer about what changed between his first season at Manchester City and the second, and he said: money.

"I wasn't as impressed by that as Gary Neville, who looked like he was learning at the feet of some kind of deity. He was completely and utterly in awe of Pep Guardiola. Perhaps that serves as a measure of his own misadventures in management or his own interest in coaching.

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