Offaly pub offered free drink to everyone if Shane Lowry got a hole-in-one

And we all know what happens when we tempt fate...

Over the weekend, a pub in Shane Lowry's home town of Offaly made a tantalizing offer for their patrons.

Should the man himself make a hole-in-one during The Masters, then they would give a free drink to everyone in the pub.

In case anyone might question it, the internet actually made sure that it was set in cyber-stone forever.

Of course, tempting fate like that was always going to be trouble, and for anyone who doesn't know, this is what happened next... 

Talking to Newstalk's Lunchtime, John Clendennen of Giltraps Pub couldn't quite believe it: "[I was] reluctant to believe it at first, that it was a hole-in-one. But once the banter and the laugher started to build momentum in the pub, I guess we started to believe that this was a reality!"

"We had the free drink going, I can assure you everyone was going to take it! We had about 25 or 30 in the bar at the time, and we kept it going through out the evening just to keep the crack up. We had a couple of lads tell a few dubious stories, saying they were just parking when the ball went in, but we had no terms and conditions, so we were generous enough with it!"