Olympic legend Michael Phelps helps distract basketball players during a college game

The 30-year-old starred in the Curtain of Distraction last night

michael phelps, basketball, arizona state, curtain of distraction

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps performs behind the "Curtain of Distraction" (AP Photo/Matt York)

The Curtain of Distraction has become one of the most popular objects in American college sports.

It is used by fans of Arizona State to try and distract opponents taking free throws during basketball matches. Last night in a game against Oregon State, 18-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps took part in the tradition for the first time.

Phelps is not a student in the college but lives locally as he prepares for the Rio Olympics this August. He is also helping coach some swimmers in the college.

Unsurprisingly, Phelps' antics behind the board helped the team as Oregon's Stephen Thompson missed both free throws. Arizona State won the game 86-68.

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