It could be 2019 before we see Conor McGregor in the UFC again - Kevin Iole

The Irishman hasn't fought in MMA since UFC 205

BY Simon Maguire 20:46 Wednesday 11 July 2018, 20:46 11 Jul 2018

Kevin Iole doesn't expect Conor McGregor to return to the UFC Octagon until the end of this year at the earliest. 

The Irishman hasn't competed in MMA's premier promotion since defeating Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in November 2016.

He went to box Floyd Mayweather the following summer, selling 4.3 million pay-per-views in the United States. 

McGregor is currently awaiting the outcome of the legal process after his involvement in a fracas in the loading dock at UFC 223.

Iole joined Wednesday's Off the ball and speaking to Joe, he said: "Well it was interesting, John Kavanagh, Conor's coach was telling people last week that there's talks going on. I did a private one-on-one with Dana White and I talked to him at length and he swore up and down that there wasn't anything going on and that he wouldn't even attempt to talk to Conor's team until after the hearing in New York for his bus incident takes place and that is all resolved. 

"So, I think the best that you can hope for with seeing McGregor would be the New Year's Eve show in Las Vegas.

"I would be more than willing to bet that we won't see him - if we ever do see him - but if he comes back that it'll be 2019," he added.

Listen back to the full chat with Iole here - as Daniel Cormier joined McGregor in becoming only the second fighter to hold two Championship titles simultaneously:

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