"It's been a long time coming" - Jessie Barr on Thomas' bronze

The Waterford man finished third in the 400m hurdles at the European Championships

BY Simon Maguire 12:12 Friday 10 August 2018, 12:12 10 Aug 2018

Jessie Barr joined Friday's OTBAM to reflect on her brother's third place finish in the 400m hurdles at the European Championships in Berlin.

Thomas finished third behind Karsten Warholm and Yasmani Copello with the Waterford man pipping France's Ludvy Valliant down the stretch in a pulsating climax to the race.

Asked about her memories of the night, Jessie said: "We were right above the start line so we were on the first bend so we were there when he crossed the line and came running towards the screen but we were right up in the gods and we may have gotten into a little bit of trouble with German security bursting through to try and get down to him  - German security over here are very strict and they were not happy with us but we weren't on the edge where we could go and hug him.

"We were waving from above, he knew where we were, he'd spotted us at the start so.

"You had to (watch on the big screens) because he was running right towards us and it was very hard to judge where he was with the French guy right beside him - it was neck-and-neck - looking to the track, looking to the screen, looking to the track and screaming! My voice was quite hoarse - I did so much shouting at him. 

"We were all very nervous for him because we had met him the day before yesterday and he did seem a bit nervous - a bit tense - which is unusual for him because I think this was the real pressure race for him. In Rio, everything was a bonus and obviously with London not going well - this was the race that was really the pressure. 

"He was very aware of it and I think he woke up feeling nervous but by the time he got to the afternoon he was raring to go and he just wanted to go and run that race."

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