The intriguing life and NFL career of Brett Favre

Jeff Pearlman gives us an insight into the former Green Bay Packers quarter-back

BY Raf Diallo 21:00 Wednesday 10 January 2018, 21:00 10 Jan 2018

Brett Favre. TLeopold/Zuma Press/PA Images

When it comes to stats valued by quarter-backs, Brett Favre still holds a number of records.

The former Green Bay Packers star, who won Super Bowl XXXI in 1996, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016, six years after retiring at Minnesota Vikings.

An interesting figure on and off the field, we were joined by US sports writer and best seller Jeff Pearlman who penned Gunslinger which gives an insight into Favre's career and life off the field, which very few have been able to ascertain given he doesn't do many interviews.

"I just didn't know very much about him," said Pearlman on the period before he wrote the book, before running through the story of a player who went from a very inauspicious start towards legend status.

"He was always known as the Gunslinger. He was a tough guy, played through pain, had a battle with painkillers, he overcame it. So you heard that story a lot and that's what I knew going in and then there's a lot more to his story. He had a really complicated relationship with his father. His father was kind of the 'win at all costs'. This was about winning and nothing else.

"He was a complicated husband, Brett was, loved his wife, cheated on his wife; drank way too much at Green Bay and had to learn how to live his life. What I liked most is he had so many ups and downs in his life and he was a stallion of a player and now he is approaching 50 and his daughter is a college volleyball player at the University of Southern Miss[issippi] where he went to school and he's just a volleyball dad, who competes in triathlon and this quiet, tranquil life that you probably wouldn't have predicted in his career."  

In the full interview, Pearlman went into depth about those threads in Favre's career and life as well as what comparisons if any can be made with Tom Brady  and you can listen back on the podcast player:

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