"Over the top" - The 2017 FAI AGM experience

Irish Independent's Dan McDonnell spoke to Off The Ball about the experience

BY Raf Diallo 17:30 Wednesday 26 July 2017, 17:30 26 Jul 2017

A view at today's FAI AGM ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

At the weekend, the 2017 Football Association of Ireland Annual General Meeting took place at Hotel Kilkenny. 

It did not take place behind closed doors but as The Irish Independent's football correspondent Daniel McDonnell did note, there was the presence of 5-6 security guards at the venue as he recounted the experience on Off The Ball

As he told Joe during Tuesday night's chat, Dan explained: "A couple of years back, there was a story going round that some fans were planning to protest at the AGM. I don't think it was true. I don't know was it true or not.

"But then we turn up at the the AGM to find all these security guards moving around the place. [We] drove in on Saturday to find a security guard there and you think 'OK, there's a 122 people there, maybe one is there for a reason'. Then you realise they're just there to shepherd five media members into a special room where you're then waiting for clearance to be brought up to the main room.

"I counted five to six security guards whose main job seemed to be monitoring the movements of five members of press that were there.

"We were then brought on this convoluted route up to the main room and there was a hen party checking in at reception so it clearly wasn't a case of the whole hotel on lockdown for this state visit by the FAI top brass. It's over the top. I think there are people in the FAI who are aware of that as well by the way. It was just a bit embarrassing. 

"It's just a load of football delegates in a room and 5-6 journalists wandering around. I don't necessarily see that to be a high security risk. We might talk to them - that would be an affront to their existence perhaps. But it's over the top."

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