POLL: Are fans within their rights to boo their own players?

Were the fans right to voice their thoughts through booing outhalf Ian Keatley?

Ian Keatley, Munster, Champions Cup,

A dejected Ian Keatley after Munster's loss to Leicester. Image: ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

After their third loss on the bounce, two of which were at home, Munster fans expressed their frustration on the weekend as they booed Ian Keatley. 

Speaking to Off The Ball, former Munster and Ireland player Trevor Hogan made it clear that he thought that "if you're a supporter, that is a line you do not cross, no matter what sport. Not even the lowest of the low...I don't want to insult soccer by saying they would do that. The only thing that is lower is racism or sexual harassment, that is pathetic".

Hogan further stated that "Munster fans are the most passionate and knowledgeable fans around, that's why it's even more disappointing to hear that".

However, speaking on Newstalk Breakfast on Tuesday morning, Ivan Yates argued the other side of the case saying that "I have rarely heard such BS spoken from a pundit. The customer is always right; if the customer doesn't like what they see, they're perfectly entitled to boo. It's the loyal people in the Thomand Park stands that have kept Munster going, they're perfectly entitled to say this ain't good enough". 

Ivan added that "if that happened in the GAA I'd understand people saying it because they're amateurs, [but] these people are really well paid". 

So, what do you think: should fans be allowed to turn on their own players if they think that their performances aren't up to scratch, or is it something that should be totally out of bounds? You can have your say in our poll below.

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