Pat Nevin says Manchester United device fiasco was a "relief"

A "suspect package" was found yesterday before kick-off for United's last home game prompting the stadium to be evacuated

Fans were forced to evacuate Old Trafford stadium yesterday afternoon after a "suspect package" was found in the ground.

The item was destroyed as part of a controlled explosion, but it's understood that it was a dummy device mistakenly left in a toilet in the ground and wrongly signed for by a security firm who had left it there as part of a security exercise.

Pat Nevin was at the ground yesterday as part of Off The Ball's live commentary team for the game and speaking on tonight's show he shared his thoughts on what is being dubbed a "fiasco".

"Oddly my reaction was relief. I know a lot of people are going to get angry about it, but I was just relieved. If someone had got a device in there, this is the start of something absolutely extreme and we're going to have to deal with that. 

"I know it's embarrassing and awful, but in some ways it's the best case scenario. The club hasn't been targeted, they can go ahead normally. They've had their warning and found out that their systems all work right. 

"The club will be thinking quietly 'Well, we got everything right that we should do'. The police are having a right go at Manchester United and that they need to apologise to everyone concerned. We'll have to find out more about that, but it wasn't Manchester United. It was the two companies that were using United's ground and didn't clear it correctly [that are at fault]."