Pat Nevin tells Off The Ball that playing a match after a family tragedy can offer relief to stricken footballers

The topic came up in discussion with Joe Molloy on HArry Arter's performance against Manchester United on Saturday

Speaking with Joe on Off The Ball tonight, Pat Nevin discusses Harry Arter and the exceptional character it took to take to the field and put in such a gutsy performance.

To put the story in context, Harry Arter played a monumental part in Bournemouth's victory over Manchester United on Saturday night. This was just days after the Irish international and his partner lost their child at birth.

Pat says that while we don't hear about 99% of these things that happen, “It’s harder for the more modern players because it’s a slightly different life and there’s more time in the public eye."

Regardless of what happens in life, Pat says, "there are some things that money can not fix," and Arter's circumstances certainly fall into the category.

He also discusses the relief that many players can get from putting on a jersey and taking to the field. The nature of life's problems mean that there can be a lot of grey areas and "you don’t know how to fix your trouble because there is no way to fix your problems." There is no right way to feel about them but on the football field, Pat says, "you know how you fix your problems on the field; you go out and score a goal."

You have to concentrate on so many other things and the nature of winning or losing can mean that the mind gets a break from trying to decide how to feel.

Arter dedicated his performance to his family after the match and manager Eddie How had some kind words for the midfielder also.