Paul Grimley: Viewers follow the remarks of "poisonous" Joe Brolly like sheep

Paul Grimley believes that the broadcaster should be called to task for his comments

Paul Grimley: Viewers follow the remarks of "poisonous" Joe Brolly like sheep

INPHO/Presseye/Lorcan Doherty

Former Armagh manager Paul Grimley believes that Joe Brolly was out of line with his latest criticism of Kieran McGeeney. 

Speaking on RTÉ on Sunday, Brolly said that the current Antrim manager "hasn't a clue about [...] how to play" in the wake of their defeat to Cavan.

Brolly stated that McGeeney was at the centre of the current problems with the Armagh set up, stating that the absence of Crossmaglen Rangers players from the panel was a reflection of that as they wanted to "have a life" outside of the game.

In response, Grimley said that the outspoken commentator was way out of line, and that "I think poisonous would be the word to use with Brolly.

"Because of the picture he paints of himself in other areas, he probably thinks he can get away with some of the very poisonous remarks he makes, during and after games about managers and players.

Image: Armagh manager Paul Grimley is held back by Kieran McGeeney. ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Grimley also stated that the broadcaster needs to be taken to task by RTÉ, given that he made similarly "wrong" comments about Marty Morrissey in the recent past, which were clamped down on immediately. 

"When he makes remarks about players, managers and county chairmen, calling them spineless and stuff like that, are RTÉ happy enough to let that play out?

"It is only when one of their own is attacked that they draw the line or do they let it run because the viewing public are following the likes of what Brolly says like sheep?".

He didn't stop there in his criticism of the coverage on RTÉ either, stating that they are ultimately responsible for what goes out and are giving Brolly the platform to say what he wants: "The Sunday Game is the Joe show, that’s the way he wants it and RTÉ use him for ratings. That’s just the way it is."