Paul Kimmage on Mayweather-McGregor: "The joke is on us"

The Sunday Paper review discussed the much talked-about fight

Paul Kimmage on Mayweather-McGregor: "The joke is on us"

Picture by: Ray Tang/Zuma Press/PA Images

Paul Kimmage and Keiran Cunningham joined Joe Molloy for the Sunday Paper Review on Off the Ball where the antics of Conor McGregor at his recent press conferences came under scrutiny.

Floyd Mayweather and McGregor took part in four press conferences in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London in the lead up to their much talked-about boxing fight this weekend.  

McGregor has never boxed professionally and will be taking on arguably the best defensive boxer to ever lace gloves with an undefeated record of 49-0.

Both men have come under the spotlight for some distasteful remarks over the four events.

Kimmage isn't remotely interested in the event describing it as trash. "The joke is on us," he told Molloy, "I switch it off. I'm not engaging with it. Why should I take it seriously? 

"It's not sport, that's why I don't write about it."

"When I say I'm interested in him...nothing has been given to this guy. Nothing has been given to him. There's a brilliant piece by Pete Carroll about another UFC guy, Neil Seery, a Dublin lad...and you read that piece and you actually understand a bit about the world that shaped McGregor and where he's come from.

"And I think that certainly informs me a bit more about - It gives me a side to McGregor that I think everyone should engage with. 

"A small example, just that primal thing of they walk into this cage and the click of that door closing behind them and there's a guy standing in front of him and he's going to try to rip your head off and you're trying to do the same to him. 

"So it's survival, this base instinct and what that brings out of him and...the buzz that that he gets from that," he added. 

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