Paul Kimmage says his relationship with David Walsh is "dead, it's over, it's finished"

Kimmage heavily criticised Walsh's article in this week's Sunday Times

Paul Kimmage says his relationship with David Walsh is finished, and has questioned his reporting of Team Sky and the controversy surrounding Bradley Wiggins' recent drug scandal.

Walsh, who covered Team Sky's exploits during the 2013 Tour de France in his book, Inside Team Sky, had his article in this week's Sunday Times scrutinised by Kimmage and Gary O'Toole on Sunday's Off The Ball.

According to Kimmage, the tone and line of questioning present in the piece, in which Walsh claimed Wiggins' 2012 Tour De France victory had been tainted following the recent doping discovery, should have been present while Walsh was covering the race and the team at the time.

Walsh, who helped Kimmage make his start in journalism, is no longer seen as a close friend of the Rough Ride author, a fact Kimmage was quick to point out.

When asked whether the criticism was in anyway personal, Kimmage said that their relationship is "dead, it's over, it's finished," but assured that there was no bias in his opinion as a result of that fact.

Kimmage, who felt that Walsh's change of opinion regarding the doping allegations made against Team Sky has come too late, stated that "I may be an asshole, but I'm a consistent asshole."

Wiggins, who admitted to taking the drug triamcinolone under a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) before winning the Tour in 2012, has insisted the drug was not used to create an unfair advantage, instead merely helping him overcome asthma problems he has dealt with since childhood.

O'Toole was also skeptical of Wiggins' defence of his medicinal steroid regime, which he discussed on Sunday's Andrew Marr show on BBC1. The former Olympic swimmer stated that "while there's certainly no smoking gun, there is a smell of cordite in the room". 

You can listen to the full interview below: