Paul the Octopus, eat your heart out! Goat predict WGC-Match Play winner

The goat predicted one of the favourites to win the tournament

Paul the Octopus, eat your heart out! 

The genre of animals predicting sporting events has taken a fall in recent years after Paul's untimely demise. The octopus was based in Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen and gained global notoriety for correctly predicting the results from Germany's seven games at the 2010 World Cup. He also predicted that Spain would beat the Netherlands in the final.

Paul has been widely imitated in recent years but never bettered. A new pretender to the crown has emerged in Divot the Goat. Ahead of the WGC-Match Play, the PGA Tour recorded the goat trying to predict the winner of the tournament. 

The task began by picking a group from the 16 available. Once the group was picked, Divot picked one of the four players in the group and perhaps surprisingly picked reigning champion Rory McIlroy.

McIlroy, who is the World Number 3 is one of the favourites for the event in Texas. Maybe Divot is a shrewd operator rather than a sporting predictor.