Paulie Malignaggi refuses to rule out future Conor McGregor bout

He's been chatting MayMac with Off The Ball...

Paulie Malignaggi refuses to rule out future Conor McGregor bout

Conor McGregor. Image: ©INPHO/Tom Hogan

Two-time World Champion Paulie Malignaggi took time out from his Showtime Boxing hosting duties tonight to chat MayMac with Off The Ball and he did not rule out a future fight with the Irish MMA superstar.

The New York fighter is expected to come into McGergor's camp as a sparing partner ahead of his August fight with Floyd Matweather Jnr. After Tuesday's LA press conference the Dublin fighter took aim at Malignaggi:

"Paulie talked a load of shit. Look he’s being brought in to spar, and he’ll answer to what he’s been saying. Then we’ll go from there after that ... We’re going to have a knock in the gym," McGregor told MMA Fighting.

Here's Paulie's response:

"I‘ll say this and I’ll leave it at this - because I don’t want to take away from the promotion with my own name being involved too much - because these guys deserve better than that. Being that Conor brought this up - and Conor brought it up in that way - I will give this first time a pass. I will not respond to that."

"I am going to say this though, Conor has had a very good platform to become a trash talker and has the reputation to be a trash talker. But let me tell you, let’s not let anybody forget, I am the best trash talker this sport has seen in this generation. Nobody is a better trash talker than me. I am going to leave the trash talking there," the veteran continued.

Paulie added that he still hopes to play a part in the Irishman's preparations:

"I would like to be of help if I show up. I don’t want to go there to prove a point to Conor McGregor. If I’m there I want to be a team player. I want to do my best to get him ready - of course that does mean the sparring will be intense."

When he was asked if he might fight McGregor after the Mayweather contest he told Off The Ball:

"I have no comment on that. I don’t wanna take away from this promotion."