"People might think I'm crazy": Andy Lee explains why he wants to fight Gennady Golovkin

The Kazakhstani fighter defended his WBC and IBF titles at the weekend

BY Sinéad Farrell 21:08 Monday 12 September 2016, 21:08 12 Sep 2016


Andy Lee is keen to back into the ring and he has designs on fighting world champion Gennady Golovkin at some point. 

Golovkin retained his Middleweight WBC title over five rounds against Kell Brook over the weekend, resulting in a broken eye socket for Brook. The contender jumped two weight divisions for the fight and put on a stone in weight.

Speaking to Joe Molloy, Lee explained how dramatic weight fluctuations can affect fighters in the ring. 

"Golovkin was lighter than Brook on the morning of the fight so he's not necessarily a bigger weight, he's just used to fighting bigger guys and Brook's used to fighting smaller guys, so it's like a man fighting a teenager. He (Brook) actually showed enough that he can compete at middleweight but it's just that Golovkin is a future hall of famer."

He added that trainer Dominic Ingle was right to stop the fight in the interests of his fighter.

"I can't see how anyone why anyone would criticise Dominic Ingle for stopping the fight. The top of his (Brook) eye socket was actually getting sunken into the bone. He was getting hurt. The fans who booed him stopping the fight are not boxing fans, they're event fans and they don't care about Kell Brook."

He also pointed to the fight between Chris Eubank Jnr and Nick Blackwell which resulted in Blackwell being induced in a coma. He later elected to retire from the sport.

Looking towards his comeback, Lee said that a fight against Danny Jacobs could be on the cards. But Golovkin seems to be the ultimate target for the Limerick native.

"People might think I'm crazy but while he's out there and he's in my division where i was champion, I feel like I have to fight him. I want to get in there and see how good he actually is. I can ask a lot of questions of him taht nobody else can ask of him in our division. I'm a 6ft 2" southpaw who can punch as hard if not harder than him. If you look at our records, I have a lot more one punch KOs than he has. His stoppages come from an accumulation of punches."

"I could walk away from boxing. I've done enough to secure myself for a while financially. But the way the Billy Joe Saunders fight ended leaves a little bad taste in my mouth and I'm still hungry. And while I can I'm gonna go for it. It would be a great story to go back and claim the world title."

"I would love to fight billy Joe Saunders again and we've pressed for a rematch and they won't even talking about it. In my mind he caught me on a good day (the first fight) It could have gone either way."


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