Pete Taylor: Katie looked "frail" in Olympic loss

The Bray trainer was not in his daughter's corner in Brazil

Pete Taylor: Katie looked "frail" in Olympic loss

Katie Taylor and her father Pete. Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Morgan Treacy

Pete Taylor has been conspicuous in his absence in his daughter Katie's corner in recent months.

The Leeds native was his his daughter's corner for her Olympic gold in London, along with her previous World Championship wins, but did not travel to Brazil. He also missed the World Championship earlier this year where Katie won a bronze medal.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, he was unwilling to say why he has not been in Katie's corner in recent months, citing it as a private matter, but spoke about his daughter's performance in Brazil.

"I thought Katie looked frail compared to how she usually looks", Taylor revealed. He also described watching his daughter's loss to Mira Potkonen as a "nightmare". 

"How can you say Mira Potkonen is a better technical boxer than Katie?," asked Taylor. "Do they even know what that means? The trouble is no one's accountable anymore. No disrespect to Potkonen, but she's not fit to lace Katie's boots."

Ireland's boxers failed to win any medals for the first time since 2004, and Taylor claimed the squad looked "overtrained".

Due to the fact that the women's tournament started a week after the men's event, the Olympic champion travelled to Brazil a week after her male team-mates. Pete felt that one of the trainers from the high Performance Unit could have stayed behind and helped the Bray star in her preparations.

"No one stayed behind with Katie to help with the preparation... Would it have been that big a deal for one of the coaches to stay behind?"

Despite not working with the High Performance Unit any more, Taylor admitted that it was falling apart since London 2012, and Billy Walsh's departure came at the worst possible time.

"straight away they should have put another leader in there," said Taylor of Walsh's departure, "but that would have cost more money. So there's no leader."

"The problem is that the High Performance should be seen as a flagship of the IABA, but they're always just trying to undermine it," he added. "All of the success we've had was in spite of the IABA. Katie's success was certainly in spite of them."