Peter Alliss on golfers: "You don't perform, you don't play- you don't pay the wages"

He spoke to Off the Ball on Friday

BY Simon Maguire 21:49 Friday 7 July 2017, 21:49 7 Jul 2017

Peter Alliss. Image: ©INPHO/Allsport

The Off the Ball team are based in Portstewart for the duration of the Irish Open as the European Tour's top players battle it out for a multi-million Euro prize fund.

Legendary commentator Peter Alliss dropped by the Newstalk studio for a quick chat about his life now and how golfers have to perform to get paid whereas that's not the case in some other high-paid sports. 

"My son is the tournament director here," he told Ger Gilroy, adding: "He works for the European Tour at the Wentworth club near London. He's been with them a few years now and he's got a big team around him and he's really responsible for this. 

"And it's very interesting, the captain, Paul, wrote to me and said 'will you come over and be our guest' and really I struggle now to get about and I've got to have wheel-chairs at airports to get about due to a spinal condition. From the chin up it's not bad but the rest is jiggered really. 

"And I wrote back and said 'it's very nice of you and I've very fond memories of my time spent in Ireland, of golf in Ireland, north and south, but I can't make it' but he obviously he got on to my son."

Alliss went on to discuss the competitive nature of professional golf and why it keeps him enthralled.  

"The thing I like about the golfers and the tennis players and the snooker players is if you don't play well, you don't get paid," he said.

"I have some friends who play football at the very highest level who will remain nameless and they talk about the great, great players there who haven't kicked a ball for six months or nine months because they've been injured and they're still getting 80/90/100 thousand pounds a week - that does not happen at tennis or golf or snooker. You don't perform, you don't play, you don't pay the wages," he added.    

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