Peterborough chairman describes Chris Forrester as 'priceless'

The former St. Pats man has clearly impressed the club chairman in his time with Peterborough

Chris Forrester, Peterborough, St Patrick's Athletic, st pats

Image: ©INPHO/Donall Farmer

Peterborough United chairman Darragh MacAnthony has spoken very highly of former St. Patrick's Athletic midfielder Chris Forrester, declaring that he was a 'priceless' member of the squad. 

While he has only been with the club since August, Forrester has already scored two goals in League One and is being talked about as one of the biggest talents in the team by the club chairman.

In response to being asked by a fan on Twitter about the cost of some of the players and the value in the transfer market at the moment, MacAnthony highlighted the deal done to get Forrester to the team, and that he is now a 'priceless' member of their squad. 

He also stated that, were a club to come in for him now, the price they would need to pay would be well over the £3 million mark. 

He added that he felt Forrester was a top quality player who deserved a look in when it comes to the national team too.

During his time with St. Patrick's Athletic, Forrester was no stranger to scoring goals, and while he only has two to his name so far with his new club, there's no doubting he has the ability to add plenty more.