Peyton Manning to sue Al-Jazeera as battle over alleged HGH use set to continue

The Broncos QB has been caught up in allegations made by the network and plans to take legal action

BY Robbie Dunne 16:00 Monday 28 December 2015, 16:00 28 Dec 2015

Peyton Manning told Peter King of the MMQB that he will "probably" sue Al-Jazeera following claims that the Broncos quarterback used human growth hormones when recovering from neck surgery in 2011.

In a documentary released by Al-Jazeera's investigative division, they claim that Manning was involved in a doping ring with various other professional athletes.

This news could come as a hammer blow for Manning and his reputation as the offseason nears. The NFL can be extremely quiet during the offseason and the bulk of news headlines will no doubt revolve around Peyton Manning and the latest speculation. You can just take a look at Deflategate and the toll it took on the New England Patriots during last year's offseason.

Manning said he would probably sue given the audacity of the claims. Charlie Sly claims packages containing HGH were deliverd to his wife in the period after multiple neck surgeries. Manning does not dispute any deliveries to his wife but stated that he did not use human growth hormones.

King revealed the news on twitter today.

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