Phil Thompson: You had to be tough to play under Ronnie Moran

Thompson highlighted the hard working attributes of the Liverpool legend

Liverpool legend Phil Thompson shared his wonderful memories of the late Ronnie Moran on Wednesday night's Off the Ball.

Tributes have been pouring out since the death of Moran on Wednesday morning. He was a man who had a huge impact on Liverpool's success. Playing as a left back he gained 346 caps and scored 16 goals.

"My time with Ronnie goes back more than most," said Thompson. "When I first joined Liverpool in 1969 as an apprentice, Ronnie was my coach. Our paths went right the way through, him as a coach and me as a player. He was an absolutely terrific guy."

Moran was widely known for his passion and dedication to the club.

"He could be really hard. 'Does nothing ever satisfy this man?' You could win four or five nil on a Saturday and by Monday he would be bellowing instructions, moaning like a drain. But that’s what was needed at that particular time."

“When Ronnie began with the first team in 1974, I was 20 years of age. You could see him developing. Ronnie was a physio, the administrators officer, he would take your orders for pre-match meals, he would do all the kit. He did all of these jobs. I don’t think he got enough credit as a coach."

"Our training sessions may have only been seven or eight-a-side across half a pitch and it was all built towards a match-day situation. One touch. Two touch. Pass and move. It was all repetition with Ronnie until you knew the Liverpool way."

“When we were winning everything and dominating Europe, you needed somebody to keep your feet on the ground as much as any of the coaching did and Ronnie was that man. He was your go to man all the time. We all thought he was the biggest moaner in the world. But when I got to 27 and 28 you realised what this man was all about."