Philippe Coutinho somehow keeps his cool after post-match selfie on the pitch after Europa League loss

Liverpool lost 3-1 to Sevilla in Switzerland

There is a time and a place to ask a player for a selfie on the pitch. Moments after losing a Europa League final is certainly not one of them. 

Philippe Coutinho was looking distraught on the pitch after the 3-1 loss to Sevilla when a fan came up to console him. The Brazilian international initially seemed happy with the greeting but things quickly turned sour when a phone was taken out for the obligatory post-match selfie.

Somehow Coutinho kept his cool and just turned his head. There is still no sign of the picture but it certainly was one of the weirder moments of an evening that promised so much for Liverpool before a disastrous second-half in Basel. 

Can you imagine if Roy Keane was asked for a selfie in a similar situation?