Police release dashcam footage of Tiger Woods arrest

The golfer was arrested on Monday in Flordia

Police release dashcam footage of Tiger Woods arrest

Photo by: Palm Beach Post/ YouTube

Video footage of Tiger Woods being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence has been released by police in Florida.

The golfer was stopped and arrested on Monday when police noticed a Mercedes parked awkwardly at the side of the road with the engine running and the brake lights on.

In the video officers are seen approaching Woods in the car. Woods can be seen stumbling and swaying through a sobriety test before being arrested.

A breath test showed a blood alcohol level of 0.00% and in a statement Woods, 41, said his condition had been caused by the effects of prescription medicines.

He had been taking drugs after having several operations on his back.

A police report claimed Woods was found asleep at the wheel and when officers spoke to him he had "extremely slow and slurred speech".

In a statement, the 14-time major champion said: "I didn't realise the mix of medications had affected me so strongly."

He apologised to his family, friends and fans, adding he would "do everything" in his power "to ensure this never happens again".

Woods underwent surgery on his back for the fourth time on April 20th and last week claimed he had "not felt this good in years".

Since winning the last of his major titles at the US Open in 2008, Woods' golfing career has taken a spectacular slide amid problems in his personal life.

Woods will appear in Palm Beach County Court on July 5th charged with drinking under the influence.