Poll reveals golfers prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton

Sports Illustrated anonymous poll surveyed more than 150 players across three American tours

An annoymous poll of 150 golfers across three tours in the US revealed that the majority tend to vote Republican and prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton.

There was an overwhelming sense of bad feeling toward Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party in the poll.

“If Clinton could guarantee to cut your taxes in half and the Republican candidate would keep them the same, would you vote for her?”:  Fifty-six per cent of PGA players said no, while 74% of players on the Champions Tour (the tour for players aged 50 and over) said the same.

Forty-four per cent of LPGA Tour players said they wouldn't for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, against 33 per cent who said they would.

The poll also found that the majority of players believe Jordan Spieth will win more majors than Rory McIlroy and that Phil Mickleson would make a better team captain than Tiger Woods.