QUIZ: How many of these Football League stadiums can you identify?

Team 33 put you to the test in this gallery quiz

MK Dons, stadium

A general view of the stadium before the Sky Bet Championship match at Stadium:MK, Milton Keynes (Picture by: Tim Goode / PA Wire/Press Association Images)

On this week's Team 33, we were delighted to be joined by Club 92 author Nikolaos Vlachos to talk about his experience of going to every single Football League stadium for a game during the 2014-15.

As he told us in exact terms, the price of attending a match at every ground from the Premier League to League Two was quite extensive.

You can listen to the interview with Nik on the podcast or download for free on iTunes:

But for the Greek football fanatic, it was money well spent and it's an experience he shares in his book:

Most of us will only visit just a few of those 92 stadiums at most, but how many can you identity visually?

In our quiz below, we've picked out 10 for you to guess with some much, much easier to get than others and a few clues to help you along the way: