Weather wreaks havoc at French Open as players complain about playing in the rain

An entire day was lost on Monday for the first time in 16 years at the event

Play has been suspended for the day at Roland Garros in what is one of the wettest French Opens in recent memory with play being washed out on Monday for the first time in 16 years.

Not only are the games being disrupted due to the weather but some of the players forced to play in the rain have been vocal in their criticisms.

Agnieszka Radwanska and Simona Halep, the number two and six seed respectively, were knocked out having had to play through the rain on Tuesday.

The match between Radwanska and Pironkova started on Sunday with Radwanska in a commanding lead and just three games from winning. Play was suspended because of the rain and they were not able to play until Tuesday when play was interrupted, yet again, after a half an hour for a further two and a half hours.

Radwanska was not impressed with having to play in the rain, she said: "I'm just so surprised and angry that, you know, we have to play in the rain,

"I mean, it's not a 10,000 tournament. It's a Grand Slam. How can you allow players to play in the rain?"

"I don't know who allows us to play in that kind of conditions," she added,

"I don't think they really care what we think. I think they care about other things."

"No one cares about the players, in my opinion. I don't care that I lost the match today, but I was close to [getting] injured with my back, so ... that's a big problem."

Halep thinks the organisers might be forcing them to play as they are scared that the competition won't finish on schedule.

She added, "[It's] not our fault. [It's] not their fault, but the decisions were not, I think, the best."