Ray Parlour interviews Pele in contender for most awkward interview ever

The Brazilian football legend is not as fluent with a mic as he was with a football

Pele's list of accomplishments stretch far and wide. The Brazilian inspired his country to win three World Cups, he also won FIFA's Player Of The Century in 2000 and is widely regarded as one of the best players to ever kick a football.

Well, he now has another string to add to his bow. The 75-year-old, with the help of Ray Parlour, has co-created the most awkward interview in the history of sports. 

Aside from the nugget of wisdom offered by Pele that football is a "box of surprises", the interview peters out into awkwardness that not even the "Romford Pele" can save.

Parlour then explains to The World Cup winner that he was referred to as the "Romford Pele" before asking if the real Pele ever saw his winning goal in the 2002 FA Cup Final to which Pele responds, "I don't have a TV."

To his credit, the former Arsenal and England midfielder tries to conjure something from his limited time with the former star but with the help of one of Pele's representatives coaxing him to speed up the interview and Pele's lack of insight and English, Parlour is left stranded and ends the interview as it started, with an awkward laugh and a thank you.