Recently retired boxer Nick Blackwell undergoes surgery after sparring session

Nick Blackwell has no boxer's licence after retiring from the sport

Nick Blackwell was forced to retire from boxing after remarkable recovery from head injuries sustained in a fight against Chris Eubank Jr

Image: Youtube

Just months after retiring from boxing due to an almost fatal head injury, Nick Blackwell was admitted for surgery after falling ill as a result of a sparring session during the week.

Nick Blackwell was put in an induced coma following a fight against Chris Eubank Jr earlier in the year after which, Blackwell announced his retirement from the sport.

He also sent a message to Eubank, insisting that there was no resentment on his part as a result of what happened.

"No hard feelings, we were both there doing a job and it was unfortunate for what happened but I hope your OK champ."

The 26-year-old had his boxer's licence removed by the Boxing Board of Control after waking up from the coma, but still holds a trainer's licence. It's not yet known the circumstances which led Blackwell to enter a sparring session after retiring and is reported to be in a stable condition. 

Robert Smith of the Boxing Board described Blackwell's actions as 'very silly' and said that they will be 'investigating the matter.'

Speaking at Wembley Arena last night, Smith told the Daily Telegraph:

"It will be fully looked into but it is very early days. We understand that Blackwell was sparring sometime this week and he has undergone a procedure. We don't know exactly what the procedure was yet. We have spoken to a number of people about this and we will be putting the full facts together."

"He no longer has a boxer's licence, but he does have a trainer's licence, which is a completely different thing. He should not have been boxing. I'm sickened by it. It's a very tough sport and the doctors here did a wonderful job to save his life. The doctors at hospital saved his life and kept him going."

"He made remarkable recovery and for somebody to go and do what he's done, for what I thought was a very sensible young man, is just beyond belief."