WATCH: Ridiculous melee in French rugby game

The fight lasted for two minutes with every player from either team getting in on the action

The word mêlée originated in France and having watched the video below, we are starting to get an understanding as to why.

There is nothing like a spear tackle to inflame an entire team of rugby players, which is what happened when Nevers were playing Lombez-Samatan in the Federale 1 division on Saturday evening. 

The general theme of these fights is that there is one lad who just will not give up. In this case there were a few of those lads. The fight was taking place in several locations at one point and while we can't quite see how many punches landed, there seemed to be a few hay makers.

The referee brandished two red cards at the end of the melee and there will surely be an inquiry into the entire situation on Monday morning.