Robert Klemko says "nobody is playing better than Russell Wilson" and the Panthers should take notice

The Panthers are 13-0 and on pace for a perfect season. Robert Klemko joins Off The Ball to discuss the possibility of a perfect season

The first and only team to win every game in an NFL season was the '72 Miami Dolphins coached by Don Shula. 

The 2007 Patriots came close but fell short in the final game of the season when the New York Giants ambushed their run in Super Bowl XLII.

Mike Shula, the son of Don Shula, is the current offensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers and there is a distinct chance this Carolina team could join that illustrious Dolphins side.

The Panthers are 13-0 at this point in the season and Robert Klemko joined US Sports on Off The Ball to discuss that possibility.

Klemko was one of the experts who believed the Panthers might have a losing record this season due to the fact that Kelvin Benjamin was lost for the season and Cam Newton's passing options were reduced to journeymen and rookies.

The Sports Illustrated writer thinks that getting over the regular season is tough, but having to face the Seattle Seahawks might be an insurmountable task for Cam Newton and co.

Klemko thinks that "nobody is playing better football at this moment than Russell Wilson" and, while the Carolina Panthers might be favourites in a game between the two, the Seahawks are in the ascendency and there are not too many teams looking forward to playing the Pete Carroll led Seahawks.

The Panthers play the spiky New York Giants, the hapless Atlanta Falcons and the peculiar Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their, could be, perfect season winds down.